Night flight rating: the magic of the night


The night flight rating is an addition to your private pilot license, which allows you to fly by night.


This endorsement is an essential component for all “big travelers”.

The night flight rating is required before the issue of the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence).


During the training you’ll discover the spectacular world of night flying, the relevant rules and all other elements needed to fly by night safely.


The Night flight rating course consists of one theoretical and one practical module.

The requirements to obtain the Night flight rating are summarised as follows:

-         Hold a Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

-         Have at least 5 hours total flight time with flight instructor including one navigation and three full-landings in solo flight.


The Night flight qualification is performed on the Cessna 152.


For detailed information feel free to contact us.



Site flight authorization: why not you?


You are keen on mountains or interested in all kinds of mythic aeronautical platforms…

The site flight authorization is made for you!


During the training course you’ll master the mountain flying: you will learn the navigation’s fundamentals specific to the mountain environment. You will also learn the aspects of mountain flight planning and instrument considerations for mountain flying before being able to venture into the mountains with your airplane.


The training course is composed of one theoretical and one practical module.


Requirements: Hold a PPL (Private Pilot License).

Training program duration: 5 hours minimum.


The training is performed on the CESSNA 152.
(with the possibility to upgrade to a C172)



License renewal and extension


The new European pilot licensing regulations, that came into force in JAR-FCL, in 1999, defined the validity of the different aviation certificates as followed:

  • The pilot license (PPL, CPL, ATPL) is not-expiring.
  • Only the additional qualifications (SEP, TMG, MEP, IRME, QT, …) are issued with an expiry date.


The holder is obliged to renew the validity of his qualifications over the time.


According to the European laws, there are two possibilities:  


  • Extension: It’s possible to extend your qualification if it’s not expired yet. In most of the cases, it’s enough to conduct an only-flight with a Flying Instructor (FI) or Flying examiner (FE).
  • Renewal: If your qualification certificate is already expired, you have the possibility to renew it. In this case, you must pass a test with a Flying examiner (FE): a flight, which if often preceded by a training program.


Aix-Ailes Aero Formation, aviation academy organizes all training courses and exams needed for the extension or the renewal of your SEP qualification.


Feel free to contact us for detailed information.



Other licenses, ratings and endorsements: develop your flying qualification


You want to develop your pilot skills and capacities?
You’re looking for different ratings, endorsements or authorizations to add to your flying qualification?

Come and visit our aviation park!
Learn to fly our planes with confidence and ability as a pilot.


By flying our different planes, you’ll be able to obtain a wide range of additional qualifications, such as :

  • RG (Retractable Gear),
  • RU (Retractable Unit),
  • VP (Variable Propeller),
  • TR (Turbo).


If you have questions or are looking for a course not listed do not hesitate to contact us.

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