Imagine yourself in the heart of the spectacular Alps Mountains!
Discover this incredible landscape comfortably installed on board of our planes!


We are an air company officially recognized from the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
We offer a large choice of touristic and leisure flights to satisfy anyone’s curiosity.



Discovery flight: a flight behind the navigation board of an aircraft


Are you seeking OUT new experiences?
Your search stops here! Discover how to navigate a plane.

During more than an hour, you could taste the joys of the aviation
by navigating a Cessna 152.

During the Discovery flight, you’ll be accompanied by a qualified professional pilot,
who will give you valuable advices.


In the program of the Discovery flight:

20 minutes briefing session to provide you basic knowledge in aviation.

…followed by 40 unforgettable minutes of piloting a small aircraft
in the company of a pilot instructor.

… and finally 10 minutes of debriefing to analyze your experience.

The Discovery flight is operated on a CESSNA 152.


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Discovery flight rate: 160 €  Book your discovery flight online today




Mont Blanc Flight: an incredible journey


The Alps hide the highest peaks and the most unbelievable glaciers
across all Europe, including Mont Blanc which rises to over 4800 meters.

For many centuries, this peak is the culminating point of different adventures,
since its first ascent in 1786.

Find yourself surrounded by the incredible landscape of the Mont Blanc massif and experience an unforgettable moment!
Your flight journey starts from Chambéry.


For more information, feel free to contact us.
Mont Blanc fight rate for 3 people: 540 € Book your Mont Blanc flight online today





The Belledonne range: a fairy flight


Belledonne is a mountain range, part on the French Alpes,
located near the city of Grenoble.
Its high peaks and geographic situation
make it an exceptional mountain massif.
A flight in the heart of this majestic range reminds an unforgettable memory.

During the flight you’ll visit the “Granier”, the “Sept Laux”, the “Aiguilles d'Arves”,
the “Tousuire” and the “Pointe de Rognier”.


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Belledonne range flight rate for 3 people: 430 €  Book your flight online today




The Bauges Mountains: a flight above a regional natural park


Explore the Bauges Mountains and its landscape.
This regional natural park is located between the French regions of
Savoie and Haute-Savoie.
The central part of the range is a real discovery field for everyone.

During this journey you’ll fly over the bridge of “Abîme”, the “Arcalod”,
the “Tamié”, the “Arclusaz” and the “Margeriaz”... 

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Bauges Mountains flight rate for 3 people: 300 € Book your flight online today





Flight over the Chartreuse: a variety of landscapes


The important changes of the altitude, the alteration of high limestone cliffs and deep marly valleys
create the panoramic diversity of the Chartreuse natural park.

This flight will take you to the heart of this massive mountain
and will show you its different faces.

During the flight you’ll discover “le Col du Granier”, the Entremont  valley,
“La Dent de Crolles”, le Couvent de “Chartreuse”, the Aiguebelette lake and “le Col de l'Epine”.


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Chartreuse flight rate for 3 people: 300 €  Book your flight online today




 Flight above the Alpine lakes: a spectacular natural landscape


 The lake of Bourget : Situated between the Pre-Alpes and high mountains,
this is the biggest natural lake of glacial origin in France. It offers a home to many different species.

The lake of Annecy : Surrounded by the Bornes and the Bauges mountain ranges,
the lake is famous for its crystal water and magnificent colors.

The lake of Aiguebelette : Located in the foot of the Pre-Alpes mountains,
this lake is particularly known for its green color.

The Rhône-Alpes region hides all these splendid lakes in the depths of the mountains.

We offer you to fly above the alpin lakes, starting from Chambéry,
and to take your time to contemplate their beautiful facets from the sky.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Alpine lakes flight rate for 3 people: 360 € Book your Alpinr lakes flight online

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